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Crystal Skull Head Glasses

RM 6.00

Class up your Drinking Game

This collectible liquor glasses will bring with it a whimsical air to your evening. Cast out of skull(not really), makes for a perfect gift for your clumsy drink loving friends. Pour in some Tequila shots and feed the beast in you this year.


1. "Crystal Skull Head" design is unique and fashionable

2. Add some paranormal to your party

3. It's great for themed parties, bar, home, etc

4. An amazing gift for you or your friends

5. Mainly used to hold liquor such as vodka, whisky, etc


Material: glass

Color: transparent

Product size: 5.6*5.2*5.4 cm

Capacity: 75ml

Shaped: skull head


Package Includes:

1 x Skull Head Shot Glass Cup Drinking Ware 

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