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Elegant Scotch Glasses

RM 19.00

An Exquisite Gift Choice

A very Pleasant and Elegant Gift choice for your superiors and clients. An exquisite way of sharing drinks with your peers and clients. Each design is high quality and beautifully crafted. The appearance of packaging and quality of product is sure to leave your peers in awe.


1. Creative and Elegant Glasses for Whisky\Scotch

2. High quality thick lead-free glass material,safe and non-toxic

3. Creative twill design,Thick transparent glass for a comfortable feel

4. Thick and beautiful,Bring a visual impact

5. Suitable for Whisky,XO,Brandy,Juice and beer

6. Apply to bar Leisure,Household ,Party,family gathering

7. Perfect gift to friends, colleagues, family


Category:Scotch\Whiskey glass

Material: High Borosilicate glass

 Packaging includes: 1 x Whiskey glass

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