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Fun Decision Maker Paper Weight

RM 59.00

Office Gift Idea

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Is it a paperweight? Is it a roulette? Actually, it’s a solid, iron paperweight and a revamped roulette rolled into one. The choices are spread out on the base and a tiny, red ball decides your fate. Spin the ball as if you are on a roll and there you have it. The decision maker consists of the usual choices one makes like “yes”, “no” and of course “no chance”. It’s a fun gadget to play with while dealing with serious business at your desk. For a moment you might feel like you’re gambling away in Vegas.   

  • Paperweight + decision-making roulette
  • Spin the solid wheel to decide on labelled choices
  • Material: Chrome plated solid Iron
  • Available in Chrome Silver and Chrome Black
  • Weight: 320 gm
  • Size: diameter: 5 * 5 * 5 cm 
  • Decisions include: yes, no, maybe, go for it, ask mom, try again, buy, sell, pray, fire someone

Package includes:

1 x Decision maker paperweight

For Laser Engraving

We will contact you for the Engraving Design once order is confirmed

Decision Maker Engraving Sample by Wrap Smile.jpg

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