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Luminova LED Clock

RM 149.00

Minimalist Design Clock

Category: Home Decor 
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This Minimalistic Design Black Night Glow LED Alarm Clock Spruces up the look of any home. With it's futuristic savvy looks, it's a perfect home decor gift and also a Promotion worthy gift to your Boss.


-Unique Counting Seconds Function´╝îevery 1 second, the LED light will light up 1 grid

-LED Display ,easy to read numbers

-Time display: 12-hour or 24-hour mode

-Memory function when the power off

-Showing the seconds, not only the  hour and minutes

-Built-in photoreceptor, brightness according to ambient light, LED light can adjust the brightness automatically

-Smart Light: Automatically sense the light,when the room becomes dark,the soft *Backlight will turn on,make it easy to see

-Extreme minimalist design: Sheer black color can integrate with circumstance *Perfectly,very fashion and simple

-Can be placed on a table or hanging on a wall



Time Setting:

1. Press the A 

2. Press the B to modify the hour.

3. Press the A 

4.Then press the B to modify the minutes.

5. Finally press the C to end the time setting.

In the running state, press the B key to switch 12/24 hours.

The function of boot run seconds is closed by default, and the run seconds function is activated according to the C key.



Powered By: External power supply (USB Line length: 280 cm)

Size: 30*30 cm

Package list:*
1 * Luminova LED Clock, USB cable

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