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Mythical Animal Metal Sculpture

RM 74.00

The Dazzling Metal Monsters!

Category: Toys 
Sub Category:  Gifts for Him | Gifts for kids | Most Popular

A nice little sculpture representing your spirit animal. Precisely assembled, this excellently detailed metal sculptures are a nice addition to your work desk. It comes in a very nice little metal box, making it a pleasant experience for unboxing. 

It can be a very thoughtful gift for your male friends who highly cherishes small detailed sculptures.

This is a high-quality metal model made with high-precision laser cutting. Metal models use ultra-thin processing of metal sealing with laser radar, and then the parts are removed, like a metal process, like bending, folding and then a plug, you can create a world model as a small palm size.

  • Mythical Animal Metal Sculpture
  • Birthday Gift, Home Decor
  • Amazing precise details
  • Multiple variations
  • Material: Metal
  • Dimension:9*2.5*6.5 cm

Package Includes:
1 x Dazzling Metal Sculpture + Metal Box 

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