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TimeBox Evo LED Bluetooth Speakers

RM 299.00

Animated Speakers

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Music is the strongest form of magic. Rock your next party with magic through this TimeBox Evo LED Bluetooth Speakers! With a wonderful app-controlled pixel art feature - draw something on your phone, it will pop up on the speaker - you can paint your heart out. Too lazy for that? Choose an animation from its application gallery! These speakers can improve your sleep cycle with its professional sleep-aid and smart alarms. It allows for communication too - just holding the snooze button or use in-app function and recording your message. The perfect gift for the party animals, the music freaks, and the artistic doodlers - let this rockstar make their life easy.

  • TimeBox Evo LED Bluetooth Speakers
  • Download the Timebox app on your phone - doodle on your phone, your doodle pops up on the speaker!
  • Application gallery of animation and drawings
  • Over 30 pre-set professional sleep aid and smart alarms - sleep like a baby and wake up on time
  • Easier communication - hold snooze or use in-app function to record message
  • Ideal gift for party animals, the music freaks, the artistic doodlers 
  • 5 watts driver with passive radiator
  • Fine-tuned with DSP (Digital Sound Processing) technology
  • Includes FM tuner, temperature sensor, microphone, social media notification etc.
  • Package Dimension: 13*12*5.5 cm

Package Includes:

1 x TimeBox Evo LED Bluetooth Speakers + Cable + Manual

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